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Important Notice: Please note that no college related fee should be paid through an agent. Cambrooks College will not be responsible for any fees paid through an agent. Cambrooks accepts fees directly through the payment gateway or international transfers. Please click here for more details.

Tuition Fees & Refund Policy at Cambrooks College

Cambrooks College commits to providing quality education in a relaxed and safe environment at very affordable and competitive tuition costs among most private Canadian colleges. Please take a look at a few advantages of choosing Cambrooks:

  • Tuition flexibility with ability to pay installment on a tuition payment agreement

  • Tuition reduces by the value based on the amount of courses a student is taking

  • Sign up credit: any student that signs up as a new student gets a cash credit ($240-$300)

  • Complete your program and get a graduation bonus

Please note that all costs are calculated in Canadian Dollars.


1Certificate in Barbering16 Weeks$8,500    
2Diploma in Accounting and Payroll Administration45 Weeks$16,500$19,90054 Weeks$18,700$22,100
3Diploma in Administrative Office Management35 Weeks$15,000$17,350   
4Diploma in Business and Computer Information Technology58 Weeks$20,000$25,00079 Weeks$22,200$27,200
5Diploma in Cosmetology and Hairstyling44 Weeks$16,000$19,90057 Weeks$19,400 
6Diploma in Financial Services81 Weeks$21,200$25,000100 Weeks$25,600$29,400
7Diploma in Human and Community Support Services56 Weeks$17,200$20,40078 Weeks$19,400$22,600
8Diploma in Massage Therapy76 Weeks$26,000$29,250105 Weeks$30,400$33,650
9Diploma in Medical Unit Clerk39 Weeks$13,200$15,00043 Weeks$15,400$17,200
10Diploma in Pharmacy Assistant31 Weeks$14,200$15,95042 Weeks$16,400$18,150


Please note that all fees are subject to change.

International Students Tuition Fees Payment and Refund Policies

Fees Dues

The application fee ($150.00) is due with your application and this fee is non-refundable. Other fees, including tuition fees, are due in time for registration. Please refer to your letter of acceptance for details of fees due. Fees vary according to the program of study and time of registration. Late registration fees may be charged if a student registers after the registration deadline indicated in the offer letter.

Tuition Payment Structure

International students are encouraged to pay full fees on registration; however the following table will guide students in making the minimum acceptable fee payment on registration.

On signing the admission acceptance contract, a fee of $500 is due. This fee can be used to offset part of the fees due on registration. Full fee payment on registration will exempt students from future fee increases.

Program DurationInitial Portion of Fees to be Paid
Short programs 6 months or lessFull fees paid on registration
Programs over 6 months and up to 1 yearTwo-thirds of fees paid on registration. One-third of fees paid within 10 business days in the 7th month
Programs over 1 year and up to 2 yearsHalf of fees paid on registration. Half within 10 business days of the 2nd year
Programs beyond 2 yearsOne year's fees paid on registration. Each subsequent year's fee within 10 business days of the year

Note: Except a student pays full fees, any outstanding fees will be subject to future fee increases.

Deferral of Program Start Date

Cambrooks College reserves the rights to defer start date of a program. Information on such deferral must reach the student not less than 14 business days before the originally advertised date. If this notice period is violated, the college will refund all fees, including the application fee, to the student at the request of the student. Such request by the student must reach the college within 5 business days of receipt of deferral information. Where no such request is made, the college will treat it as an acceptance by the student of the new program start date.

In the same vein, the student can (within 14 business days before originally advertised program start date) request to defer admissions to the next run of the program. Any request received less than 14 business days before the program start date shall not be accepted and shall be treated in line with the refund policy below.

Fee Refund Policy

The table below contains a summary of Cambrooks College’s refund policy. To initiate a refund, written notice must be provided:

  • By a student to Cambrooks College when the student withdraws, or

  • By Cambrooks College to the student where the college dismisses the student OR where the college fails/ceases to deliver the program, which the student registered for.

Such withdrawal notice by a student shall be in a standard Cambrooks Students Program Withdrawal Form available at the Students Office. Please contact the Program Manager for a hard copy or electronic copy of the form. Students are to complete the form and return a signed copy electronically or in hard copy to the program Manager. The date of withdrawal shall be the date the application is received by the Program Manager of the college. Where reason of withdrawal is because student has been denied visas, such letter of denial must be attached to the withdrawal form.

Students who withdraw give up their admission to the college and their status as students at Cambrooks. Information about students who withdraw will be reported to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. A student who withdraws and later wishes to return to Cambrooks College must re-apply for admission. For further information, feel free to get in touch with us today.

Condition Refundable Non-Refundable
Student denied study visa: Letter of denial must be sent to Cambrooks College as proof. 100% tuition already paid Application fee of $150
Student terminates contract on or before the 4th business day after signing the contract. 100% of tuition already paid Application fee of $150
Student terminates contract before the training begins but after the 4th business day of signing the contract. 75% of tuition already paid Application fee of $150
Registration fee of $500
25% of tuition
Student terminates contract after 10% or less of training. 75% of tuition already paid Application fee of $150
25% of tuition
Student terminates contract after more than 10% but not more than 50% of training. 40% of tuition already paid Application fee of $150
60% of tuition
Student terminates contract after more than 50% of training.   Application fee of $150
100% of tuition
Student fails to arrive after training begins for a reason other than visa denial. 50% of tuition already paid Application fee of $150
50% of tuition
Cambrooks terminates contract before training begins. Application fee of $150
100% of tuition already paid.
Where Cambrooks ceases to deliver a Designated Learning Program without providing a means to enable the student to complete the program. Cambrooks will compensate International Students for any tuition paid in respect of undelivered portion of the program in accordance with its refund policy. Application fee of $150
100% of tuition for the delivered portion of the program.
Where Cambrooks ceases to deliver a Designated Learning Program and have provided a means to enable the student to complete the program without any disadvantage to the student.   No refund will be made.


All fee refunds will be processed within 30 business days after the receipt of the withdrawal application notice. Refund will be made to the student, individual or organization that originally paid the tuition.

A student who withdraws from a program may choose to commit the refundable portion of the tuition from the program they are withdrawing to the new program, however a non-refundable program transfer fee ($200) must be paid for the transfer application to the new program.


All international students pay a non-refundable application fee of CAD $150. A $500.00 Student Registration fee is required upon signing the Student Enrollment Contract. The registration fee will be credited to your tuition upon commencement of the program. The remaining tuition and fees are to be paid according to Cambrooks Tuition Policies. Portion of your fees are refundable if you decide to terminate your studies before the scheduled end of program. Please note that international students are not eligible for Alberta Government Student financial assistance. If you require financial assistance, please contact your home government to determine if you qualify for aid from your home government or from the Government of Canada under the Canadian International Development Agency.

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